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2 Tips To Prevent Mold And Mildew From Growing On Your Vinyl Siding

Posted by on Jan 20, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on 2 Tips To Prevent Mold And Mildew From Growing On Your Vinyl Siding

There are a lot of things to love about vinyl siding; it looks good, is affordable and is pretty easy to maintain. Vinyl siding is not 100 percent maintenance free, however — unfortunately, many homeowners have to worry about the growth of mold and mildew. Luckily, following a few tips can help you keep mold and mildew at bay so that you can enjoy your low-maintenance and beautiful vinyl siding as much as possible. 1. Keep Trees Trimmed First of all, you should pay attention to the trees that are growing closely to your home. A tree can be a beautiful thing, but it can provide all of the things that are necessary for mold and mildew to grow. Trees attract and hold moisture, which mold and mildew love. In fact, you might have seen mold or mildew growing on your trees. Both for the health of your trees and to protect your home, it is a good idea to hire a tree specialist to come out and trim them. Trimming the long limbs on your trees will help prevent them from coming in close contact with your home, which will help prevent mold and mildew and will help keep your home safe from siding and roofing damage during heavy storms. Plus, it will help keep your trees healthier. 2. Give Your Home a Bath Even though vinyl siding is relatively low-maintenance, it isn’t 100 percent maintenance-free. It’s smart to clean the outside of your home on a regular basis; this helps with curb appeal and helps keep mold and mildew at bay. Use a water hose with a sprayer attachment or a pressure washer to spray your home regularly, and you should keep most of these organisms at bay. Although spraying your home off should help, cleaning the outside with a bleach solution once or twice a year should also help. Mold hates bleach, and a good bleach solution should help kill any mold that might have grown on your home and help prevent it from growing in the future. You can use a spray bottle and a long-handled deck brush to get the job done; just make sure that you rinse the bleach off well to prevent excessive damage to your siding. Mold and mildew can be major issues for homeowners just like you. However, following these two tips should help you keep both mold and mildew to a minimum so that you can enjoy the many other benefits of vinyl siding. For more information, talk to a professional like...

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3 Ways To Use Custom Glass To Make Your Home More Glamorous

Posted by on Jan 1, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on 3 Ways To Use Custom Glass To Make Your Home More Glamorous

Constructing your own home gives you the opportunity to customize many different design elements. When it comes to selecting materials for your home, glass provides you with the ability to create a unique and glamorous design aesthetic. Here are three ways you can incorporate custom glass into your home’s design to make it appear more glamorous. 1. Install glass railings on decks. It’s often said that location is one of the most important aspects of any piece of real estate. If your home provides views of beautiful scenery, you likely will want to include some decks in your design. Using custom glass pieces as railing on your decks will allow you to enjoy unobstructed views. You can also opt to continue your design aesthetic indoors by using glass for the railing of indoor staircases. Glass railing systems lend a glamorous and contemporary look to any home. 2. Use stained glass windows to lend an artistic feel to your home. You can take advantage of window space to add artistic elements when designing your own home. Custom designed stained glass windows provide you with the opportunity to incorporate a unique design element into your home’s floor plan. In order to ensure that the resale value of your home is not negatively affected by the inclusion of stained glass windows, be sure that the design of your windows is traditional when it comes to color and patterns. This will help the windows appeal to a wide variety of audiences. Stained glass windows are a simple, yet elegant way to incorporate customized glass into your home’s design. 3. Add a custom glass floor to some of the rooms in your home. Opening up your living space with custom glass can add to the feeling of spaciousness in your home. Glass floors are a unique way to use glass in your home’s design. Incorporating glass floors in your home lends an ultra-modern feel, and creates the opportunity for more natural light to enter your home. When designing your house, talk to your contractor about the possibility of adding a custom glass floor to an upstairs hallway, outdoor deck, or atrium to add some glamor to your home. Investing in custom elements for your new construction can be beneficial. By adding a custom glass railing, stained glass windows, or a glass floor to your home, you will be able to create a unique and glamorous feel within your living...

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2 Signs That Your Water Pump Pressure Tank Is Bad

Posted by on Dec 31, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on 2 Signs That Your Water Pump Pressure Tank Is Bad

If you have a well that supplies water to your home, you will also have a pump that is used to pull the water up from the well into your home. One key component of a well pump is a pressure tank, but pressure tanks can wear out over time. If you are having problems with the water supply in your home and are wondering if your pump is bad, you might be happy to discover that it is your pressure tank that is actually the problem. Here are two signs that your pressure tank might be the cause of your water problems.    Your pump runs each time water is used One of the features of a pressure tank is the ability to store water along with water pressure in your water pump. This feature is nice because it allows you to have water ready for you whenever you turn on a faucet or flush a toilet. Each time you do something like this, your pump should not have to kick on. If your pump does kick on every time you use water, it could be because your pressure tank is not working properly. This is a common sign that a pressure tank is bad. If your system cannot hold any pressure in it, the pump will have to kick on each time water is demanded from a faucet.   Your pump short cycles Short cycling is something that refers to the times when a water pump will kick on and off repeatedly. The pump may run for only one second before it shuts off, and it will then continue to do this, or it may run for a minute before it shuts off and turns back on. When your pump does this, it might be because it is trying to build up pressure in the tank. Unfortunately, the pump may never be able to build up pressure in the tank, though, which could cause the pump to continuously short cycle. If this happens for an extended period of time, it could cause the pump to burn up. Replacing a water pump is more expensive than replacing a water pressure tank, which is why you should have a contractor examine your system soon if you are experiencing problems. If you are having any problems with your water or water pump, contact a contractor that specializes in plumbing repairs. Getting your system examined soon could help you save money on...

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Fiber Cement Boards Are A Great Upgrade

Posted by on Dec 15, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Fiber Cement Boards Are A Great Upgrade

Updating your exterior siding is a major project, but it is well worth the investment. One of the most popular siding materials is fiber cement. Fiber cement is a material that is ideal for exterior siding in all types of climates and environments. This article will highlight some of the most popular reasons for investing in fiber siding over other popular siding materials when updating your house. Easy Installation The first great thing about fiber cement siding or is that it is possible to install it on your own, even if you have no construction experience. Fiber cement is not as heavy as real cement, so handling the siding planks is not too strenuous. It is also engineered with a very handy modular design. This makes an attachment of the siding pieces quite simple because it necessitates few power tools. Stylish Finishes Many homeowners like fiber cement siding because it can give their home a very modern feel. Fiber cement looks basically like raw concrete. Modern homes, with minimalist design, often use raw concrete for the exterior sidewalls. You can achieve this look for much cheaper if you use fiber cement siding. On the other hand, fiber cement is easily painted, so you can make it any color that you want. You can also paint your fiber board with a high sheen paint to give your home a modern feel. The added perk of high-gloss paint is that it is stronger and more water resistant. Basically, you have a lot of design freedom when it comes to your wall color. Easy Upkeep Many practical homeowners are simply interested in fiber cement siding and because it is so easy to keep up. It is essentially waterproof, so it can endure even the worst weather. It is easy to clean with standard concrete or stucco cleaning solutions. However, it should be noted that if you use the right type of exterior paint, you will probably need to only use water to clean your siding. Fiber siding is definitely a great material for people who don’t want to spend too much time and money keeping their exterior walls clean. There are many different styles and sizes of fiber cement siding. You will have no shortage of choices when it comes to finding the best product for your property. No matter what style you choose, you can rest assured that the fiber board will be strong, waterproof and weather resistant for a long time. For more information or for professional assistance in your siding replacement project, contact professional contractors, such as those at Side-Pro,...

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Steps To Take When Your Shingles Blow Off

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A bad storm and high winds can wreak havoc on an asphalt shingle roof. If you go outside to find shingles in your yard and not on your roof, there are some steps to take. The following guide can help.  Step 1: Call Your Insurance Agent For those with homeowners insurance, an immediate call to begin the claim process is a must. Your insurance company will send out an adjuster who will decide if your roof simply needs a repair or if you need full replacement. It can take several days for an adjuster to get to you after a major storm, so get on their list immediately.  Step 2: Clean Up When shingles come down, they also bring down roofing nails. You don’t want these laying in you yard, street, or driveway where they can hurt feet or tires. Walk around and pick up the nails. Another option is to get a shop magnet at a hardware store. You roll these on the ground to pick up any nails. This is also a good time to walk around and take your own pictures of the damage in case you need to contest the adjusters assessment later. Step 3: Mitigate Damage You are usually allowed to take any steps necessary to mitigate further damage. If rain or further storms are coming in, this means tarping the roof. A properly installed tarp is secured down tightly on all sides so it doesn’t flap, billow, or allow moisture in. While you can do it yourself, it is generally better to stay off your roof and to call a roofer instead. Most insurance companies reimburse you for professional roofers to tarp your roof properly. Step 4: Follow Up Depending on the severity of the storm and extent of damage in your area, it can be awhile before you get a full repair. You need to follow up with your insurance and find out how you find a roofer. Most companies allow you to get your own quotes and choose a roofer. You will have to pay your deductible and any remainder owed to the roofer after insurance. In some cases your company will write you a check for the damage and it is up to you to find the best roofer and cost for the job, and in other cases they pay the roofer directly. You do typically have the ability to choose your own roofer, though. Contact local roofers for quotes today so you can make sure your insurance is giving you a fair amount.  To learn more, contact a company like K&R Roofing and...

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3 Ways To Slash The Heating Costs Of An Older House

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The architectural beauty of older houses appeals to many people. Unfortunately, these historic structures are usually less efficient than newer homes, resulting in higher heating bills. If you live in an older house and would like to save money on your energy costs, the following three suggestions can help. 1. Install a Fireplace Insert Masonry fireplaces are common in older homes, as wood was often used as a primary source of heat in years past. Although the glow of a crackling fire creates a lovely ambiance, you could be losing a good deal of warmth right up the chimney. Even if you don’t rely on your fireplace for heat, it could help save you money on heating costs if you take steps to make it more efficient. A fireplace insert is an effective way to save money on heating costs because this closed-combustion system is equipped with a fan that circulates its heat throughout your home. When a fireplace insert is installed into the opening of your existing fireplace, you create a self-contained firebox that will exponentially increase the heating capabilities of your fireplace. Fireplace inserts are available for burning gas, wood or wood pellets. For more information about making the most of your fireplace, contact a company like Thomas Chimney Sweep.  2. Update Your Insulation If you live in an older house with its original insulation, you might be surprised to find inefficient materials, like newspapers and corn cobs, used as insulation inside the walls. Luckily, there are much better options available these days for preventing heat loss and reducing energy consumption. In fact, new installation can reduce your home’s energy costs by up to 50 percent. Insulating and sealing hidden areas of your house, such as crawl spaces, attics and ductwork, keeps it airtight and efficient. When insulating your home, pay close attention to your ventilation system to ensure moisture stays out. Otherwise, damp insulation becomes less effective at preventing heat loss and promotes mold growth and wood rot inside the walls. 3. Upgrade Your Windows Original windows may add to the historic feel of an older home, but they are also quite inefficient when compared to modern windows. That’s not to say you must install new vinyl windows if they will take away from the overall character of your home. Older wood-framed windows can often be restored and upgraded to achieve the same level of efficiency as new windows. According to U.S. Department of Energy, inefficient windows can account for up to 25 percent of your heating bill. Professional restoration and weatherization of your historic windows usually costs less and lasts longer than new windows. This way, you can save money at both ends. With proper upgrades, older houses can be just as energy efficient as modern structures. If these three energy-saving suggestions are followed, you not only save money on your monthly heating bills, you also increase the value of your...

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Nervous About Buying A Property With A Pool? 3 Easy Ways To Make It Safer

Posted by on Oct 21, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Nervous About Buying A Property With A Pool? 3 Easy Ways To Make It Safer

If you’ve recently purchased a property that has a pool and you want to make sure it’s safe for all, a pool supplies provider should have all the items that you need. Having a pool on your property can be incredibly enjoyable if you enjoy swimming, exercising and entertaining, but safety has to be your top concern at all times. Thousands of people die annually in America because of drowning, the majority being children under the age of 14 years, and you can protect your pool to prevent this from happening at your home. Here are a few ways to make it safer. Weight Bearing Locking Cover A pool cover that holds the weight of an adult when secured will stop someone from falling in if they go on top of the cover. This is ideal because not only does the cover latch so tight it prevents animals and debris from getting in, but if a person fell in the cover wouldn’t smother them. The cover should also have a lock so no one who enters your property can remove it. Water Movement Detection Alarm Get an alarm that sits on the water level of the pool and activates if it feels vibrations and movement in the water. This is going to signal if someone jumps in without permission, or if a child or pet falls in accidentally. You can get a wireless system that alerts your home security system and your phone system as well. Fencing with a Locking Gate If you don’t already have a fence around the pool or the fence is outdated, it’s time to get a fence that has a locking and self-latching gate. Although self-latching won’t keep a teenager or adult out of the pool, unless you have a lock on it, the self-latching should stop a child from getting through. You can use these things to make the pool safe, and you can get the pool clean and working properly with the chemicals and cleaning supplies found at a pool supply store. If there are other concerns that you have about the structure of the pool, talk with a pool repair and building contractor to see if the pool needs any other type of work. A pool can be a place of fun and memories if you take the time to make sure the pool is safe for everyone at your home and around your...

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Fill The Holes In Your Asphalt Driveway On Your Own This Weekend

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Asphalt makes a very sturdy driveway material; however, over the years, asphalt can get worn down by the natural elements. If your asphalt driveway has holes it in, you can fill them yourself with a few supplies within a couple of hours this weekend. Start By Removing All The Debris  The first thing you need to do is remove all the debris from the holes in your driveway. If the holes are deep, use a shovel to remove all the broken up asphalt. If the hole extended all the way to the ground, use your shovel to dig down into the ground a couple of extra inches so that you can add a solid sub-layer beneath your new asphalt in the next step. Fill The Hole Partially With Gravel Next, if you were able to dig into the ground under your asphalt driveway, you’ll want to fill that portion of the hole with gravel. The gravel should fill the hole up until it reaches the underside of your asphalt driveway. This will provide the patch you are going to install with a solid base that can easily filter out water and will not shift the same way that a dirt base would.  Wash Off Your Driveway After you fill the hole up partially with gravel, use a broom to sweep away any debris that is on your driveway. Then, use a hose to wash away any remaining debris. You should also use the hose to wash off the sides of the hole that you just dug and filled with gravel. Apply The Tack Once you have filled and cleaned the hole, apply the tack material you purchased. Use the tack brush that comes with the material. Evenly cover the sides of the hole with the tack material. This material will help the new asphalt you pour into the hole bond with the rest of the asphalt that is already in place. Allow the material to cure and set according to the directions on the package.  Mix Up The Asphalt Next, you need to mix up the bag of asphalt repair mix that you picked up at your local home improvement store. You are going to want to use a large plastic five gallon or larger bucket to mix up the asphalt. You will need access to water in order to mix up the material. Use a hand trowel, hoe or stirring stick to mix up the material inside of the bucket.  Fill The Hole Once the asphalt mix is smooth, pour it into the hole. Use a trowel to even out the asphalt. You’ll want to make sure that the asphalt you poured into the hole is even with the rest of your driveway.  After you fill the hole, try to keep all foot and vehicle traffic off of the surface of the hole for the next couple of days. That will allow the repair asphalt material to cure completely in the hole. Repeat the process above until you have filled all the holes in your driveway.  Visit a website like for more...

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Find Out How To Keep Your Oriental Rugs Looking Nice

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A good Oriental rug can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. That means that if something gets spilled on it or it gets dirty you want to make sure that it is cleaned very carefully. You don’t want to do anything that may cause further damage.  Spot Check the Colors Before you do anything to clean your carpet, you want to check the colorfastness of the various dyes. To do this, you should find a small patch that is in an unobtrusive or hidden section of the carpet and put your cleaning solution on it. Follow all the manufacturer’s directions so that you know you are doing it correctly. Check what the colors look like when you are done cleaning that spot. Then check back again in 24 hours. If the colors haven’t run and the rug looks like it hasn’t been damaged, it’s safe to use that particular cleaning product.  Try Cold Water and Vinegar If you don’t want to use any kind of chemical rug cleaning product, you can try making a solution of vinegar and water to clean up the stain. For every 3 cups of water you use, mix in 1 cup of vinegar for a 3:1 mixture. Put the solution in a spray bottle so that you can use it easier, and then start cleaning the spot. When you spray the carpet, you don’t want it to get soaking wet, just damp. If you have a particularly difficult area, you can use a gentle brush or rag to carefully work on the area and get up any dirt. When you are all done, you should use a fan or open windows around the area so that the carpet dries faster.  Professional Cleaners Since your rug is worth so much, you may not feel like you really want to do anything to it. That’s when it’s time to call the professionals. There are several things that they may do. One is that they may take your rug with them and dry clean it. Doing that will let the entire rug to be cleaned all at one time. This gets rid of all the dirt as well as any spots. The nice thing about the dry cleaning is that it generally doesn’t cause the colors in your rug to run or bleed.  A beautiful Oriental rug can run you thousands of dollars and can last for many years. If it gets dirty, you want to make sure that you get it cleaned...

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Getting A Screen Enclosure? 4 Things You Need To Create A Cozy Space

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Outdoor spaces are a must-have during the spring and summer, but they can also be utilized during the fall and winter, especially if they are screened in. If you’re getting a screen enclosure installed, you may want to consider incorporating some décor to make the space feel more like a part of your home rather than an afterthought. Here are four things your screen enclosure area needs to create a warm and inviting space that is just as appealing as the interior of your home: 1. A Stylish Wooden Bench In an outdoor screen enclosure, you will need sitting room. You should start with a bench or two and a couple of chairs. You can go as far as creating a space with a couch, love seat and chair. However, to start, consider getting a wooden bench and maybe even a wooden chair or two. This will help make the space feel like a true extension of your home, which automatically helps make it feel more comfortable and inviting. Wooden benches have a natural charm to them, which is what makes them perfect for a screen enclosure. Consider getting a bench with an arched back and rolled arms for maximum comfort and style. 2. A Reversible Outdoor Area Rug. To help define the seating area in the screen enclosure, consider adding an area rug. If possible, get one that is reversible so that when you get bored with one design, you can flip it over and have another design. Usually, these designs will be similar, but they’ll be different enough to make a difference in appearance. You can opt for neutral colors or you can go bold with a bright, daring color or pattern. 3. Some String Lights. Any outdoor living space needs ample lighting, but you want to make sure that it is stylish. Strands of lights are perfect in a screened enclosure. They can be hung from the top of the enclosure or around the edges to create a much more intimate space. String lights often cast a very beautiful and soft glow, which can help encourage a more romantic feel to the space. 4. Several Throw Pillows. To go with your bench (and possibly chairs), you will want to add a couple of outdoor throw pillows. These are the finishing touches to the outdoor living space and are important. They not only add a layer of texture and comfort to the area, but they can help pull the entire space together when you choose to use colors and patterns that complement the rest of the décor (think the area rug). No one wants to have a dull outdoor living space. If you’re getting a screen enclosure installed, make sure that you’re ready to decorate it the moment that it is done. To learn more about screen enclosures, contact a company like Mullet’s Aluminum Products...

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