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  • Pros And Cons: DIY Landscaping Versus Hiring A Professional

    Landscaping your yard is about both aesthetics and function. A well-landscaped yard can provide shade to your home, provide a healthy drainage system, and add value to your home by improving its appearance. As you take on a landscaping project, you'll face one major decision immediately: should you do it yourself, or hire a professional? There are pros and cons to both methods. DIY Landscaping Pros: No Labor Costs—One of the most costly aspects of landscaping is the time involved.
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  • 3 Noises You May Be Hearing From Your HVAC Unit And What They Mean

    When a healthy HVAC unit is running, you should not hear any sounds coming from it except for the sound of air blowing through your vents. When you start hearing noises that are not normal, this tells you something is wrong. Below are three sounds you may be hearing and what they mean: Loud Banging A loud banging sound is likely coming from the fan that is inside the unit. It could also be due to the shaft rotating it.
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  • Make A Decorative Tray Out Of A Cardboard Lid

    Turn a cardboard lid from a box into a decorative tray that can be stored on your desk or in the entryway to your home. This tray can be a designated area to set down your keys, cellphone, wallet and other important items. By having a special spot set up for your personal belongings, you will not need to worry about losing them. Recycling the cardboard is also good for the environment and will reduce the amount of waste that you dispose of.
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