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The Best Ways To Keep Iron Fences From Corroding

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Wrought iron fences are vulnerable to moisture. However, if they are constructed in areas that are not prone to moisture problems, such as in Arizona, they are not as likely to rust. Still, iron fences will need some care and maintenance so that they can last longer. Remove Rust Use a wire brush to remove the rust from the surface. After you have removed as much rust as you can with the wire brush, use sandpaper to remove the remainder of the rust. Then, add a primer to the metal designed to be rust-inhibitive. Add Primers The primers that are the easiest to apply are those that are sprayed from an aerosol can because these can more easily cover every part of the fence. Wait for the rust-inhibitive primer to dry so that you can then paint the surface....

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Winter Damage On Roofs: Beyond Weight Damage

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When people think of winter damage to roofs, they mostly think of destruction due to the weight of snow and ice. Unfortunately, this is not the only way that winter can reduce your roof’s durability. Other ways in which the low temperatures can damage your roof include the following: Freeze-Thaw-Freeze Cycle During a snowfall, the first layer of snow melts because the roof is relatively warmer than the environment above it. This melting snow gets into cracks and crevices on the roof. Then as more snow falls, the water in these cracks and crevices freeze, and this is where the problem begins. As you know, water expands when it freezes, so the freezing water will expand and enlarge the cracks on your roof. On a subsequent warm day, the snow and ice melt to fill the enlarged crevices. If...

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Are Your Elevators Ready For An Anime Convention?

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Anime conventions are fun and profitable events for attendees and bystanders alike. Attendees don’t just stand around in costume: they spend money and help to boost the local economy. Fanimecon attendees created an economic impact of $10.5 million dollars in San Jose in 2014. Attendees also bring a huge boost to nearby hotels by booking rooms and purchasing food, toiletries, and using valet services. Before your hotel can start raking in these profits, however, you should consider the functionality of one thing in your hotel that will affect every convention attendee that stays in your hotel: your elevators. Wear & Tear The largest anime convention in the country had 80,000 attendees in 2014, and the majority of those attendees needed hotel rooms. If your hotel is being used to house anime convention attendees, chances are your hotel is mostly...

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3 Appointments You Want To Make Before The Winter Season Hits

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With certain parts of the country already seeing a few inches of snow, it won’t be long before everywhere will be covered in the fluffy, white snow. As much as you might want to hold it off, you know it is only a matter of time before you are trying to unbury yourself from the mounds of snow. It isn’t just the snow that people dread, though. It is also the bitter cold that takes your breath away when you step outside. To make sure you are taken care of this winter season, consider making a few appointments to cover yourself for what lies ahead. Schedule a Duct Cleaning Since you are going to use your furnace quite frequently, you want to have someone come out and clean all of the ducts for you. You never know what has...

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Simple Yet Effective Improvements For Insulating Your Home

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When your home has an issue with excess airflow, you need reliable ways of controlling any leaks you find. This does not mean you have to replace all of your insulation to complete this task. There are several simple and effective improvements you can make that will help reduce the amount of air that comes and goes throughout your home. Insulate Electrical Outlets One area that allows air to flow into your home is the electrical outlets on your exterior walls. Most outlets have no insulation around them, which makes it easier for hot or cold air to get into your home. To correct this issue, you want to install outlet insulation. This may seem like a difficult task, but it is simple to complete on your own. The biggest issue with this task is the time it will...

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