Want To Have An Inviting Commercial Parking Lot? 3 Pro Maintenance Tips For You

Posted on: 25 January 2021

One of the first things tenants will ask when looking for an apartment complex is whether you have ample parking. Parking is also a dealbreaker for most people when joining a new workplace. This is because a car is the most essential part of people's lives, and they need to ensure that it is safe, whether at home or in the workplace. As the building owner or manager, you should make sure your parking lot is properly maintained at all times to minimize incidences and liabilities.

Here are the three pro tips to include in your parking lot maintenance routine.

Clean the Lot Regularly

One of the main reasons parking lots deteriorate is the damage caused by chemical spills and other fluids from the vehicles. These chemicals can be very damaging, especially when you have an asphalt parking lot. However, when you invest in regular and proper cleaning, you will eliminate the spills before they soak into the inner layers of your parking area and cause damage.

However, cleaning does not have to be complicated. When you sweep the compound regularly, you eliminate most of the debris that could later stain the lot and become a source of disintegration.

Make Sure the Line Markings Are Visible

The people that regularly park their cars in the parking lot will have a hard time parking when they cannot clearly see the stall markings. As a result, they might bump their vehicles against the curb and cause a lot of damage to their vehicles. 

Additionally, faded lines will mislead people when parking and leaving the lot, and they might end up creating dents on other people's cars. To stop these damages and accidents, ensure that the paint is always fresh on the surface of your commercial parking lot. Fresh paint is also good for its aesthetic appeal.

Sealcoating the Lot

Sealcoating is a maintenance process that can save your parking lot from a lot of unnecessary damage. Constant exposure to the rain and the UV rays of the sun often cause damage to the paving material. As the damage progresses, the surface will develop cracks which might open into potholes. However, a sealcoat will form a barrier between the concrete material and the harsh weather elements. Consequently, your home will be protected from water and heat damage.

These three simple maintenance processes will protect your parking lot from weather damage and greatly extend its life. However, it's always advisable to contact a professional contractor to assist you with any part of the maintenance you are not familiar with. For more information about commercial parking lot maintenance, contact a local professional.