3 Good Reasons To Have Your Land Surveyed If You Find A Cemetery On The Property

Posted on: 25 June 2020

Across the country, picturesque cemeteries lie in towns and cities that are well-kept and well-known. However, there are many smaller plots of lands that have been used as cemeteries in the past that are not known about and oftentimes go undiscovered. If you have property and discover it has a cemetery on site, it is best to have a land survey company come to your property and do proper surveying of your ground and the cemetery. Here is a look at why that is the case.  

1. The cemetery will get properly documented for the purpose of public record

If you have purchased land and there was no mention of the cemetery when you made the purchase, there is a pretty high likelihood that the cemetery is not properly documented in public records. Unfortunately, this can make it really hard for family members who are looking for the resting sites of their deceased relatives or even when genealogists are tracking things about certain family histories. By having your property and the cemetery surveyed, you are taking part in the process of creating a reliable public record that people can reference when looking for burial places. 

2. You will find out about existing right-of-ways related to the cemetery

When you have a cemetery on your property, it is usually a law in most states that you have to grant access to visitors via a right of way that leads to the cemetery. If you do not know that this right-of-way or access point exists, you could easily stop someone from coming onto the property and then face legal woes because you have no right to do so. During the land survey, the contractor will find out what right-of-ways already exists or what needs to be implemented to protect you from challenges as the property owner. 

3. The cemeteries plots will be properly recognized on your deed so you know where they are

Most landowners will discover a cemetery by stumbling upon a gravestone or two, but what looks like just a few graves could always be a full cemetery with many graves as the stones can break down or get moved over time. Unfortunately, this can make it iffy to do any kind of work around the known gravesites because there could easily be more that you don't want to disturb. Land survey technicians utilize ground sonar technology to determine the layout of the existing gravesites, so you know exactly where the sites are located and where the boundaries of the cemetery are located. 

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