About Wood Look Floor Tiles

Posted on: 4 May 2020

Wood look floor tile has the look of wood but offers you the benefits of tile. If you are thinking that this might be a type of flooring that you want for your own home, then you should keep reading. Here are some of the nice things about wood look floor tile:

1. The tile looks a lot like wood

It would be very difficult at first glance to notice that the flooring isn't wood. Upon further inspection of the tile, a person will likely be impressed by just how real it looks. Not only will the flooring mimic the natural colors of wood, but there are even grains throughout the tiles that look authentic. These tiles can be found with the look of very light-colored wood, medium colored wood, and dark-colored wood. This lets you get just the look you want for your flooring.

2. The tile is durable

Wood flooring is durable, but it does have its weaknesses, such as having the ability to scratch if furniture is pushed across it and the feet have sharp edges. However, when you choose wood look floor tiles, you will find that the flooring is extremely durable and you won't have to worry about it scratching. The tile will also maintain a very shiny appearance for a very long time, where wood flooring can start to look dull after a while, and you will need to maintain it properly to bring that shine back.

3. The tile is easier to maintain than real wood

Wood flooring can take a bit of work to keep it in good condition and looking how you want it to look. You can even find yourself worrying about stains and water damage if you aren't careful and as the wood floor ages. These are things you aren't going to have to wonder about when you choose wood look flooring tiles. To keep them looking good, all you have to do is to take care of them with regular cleaning.

When you have tile instead of wood, you can easily sweep up and you can mop with a variety of cleaners to clean. With wood, you have to be a bit more careful and there are certain cleaners that you won't be able to use on it because the cleaners can cause permanent damage to wood flooring, even leaving it looking cloudy and foggy.

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