Your Automatic Garage Door And When To Call For Services

Posted on: 15 October 2019

You can head out to work for the day without a problem, only to come home and find your garage door won't open. Issues can occur when your system doesn't have power, or if the opener becomes unplugged. If your remote battery dies, your opener won't engage to open the door. There are times when your opener will burn out and need to be replaced. If your tension springs need to be adjusted, it can take a long time for your garage door to open. If your garage door is not opening correctly and you can't figure out what is going on, it's time to call for repair services to fix the problem.

When a Door Doesn't Close Completely

If your door doesn't completely reach the ground, you could have an issue with your tracks. The slightest bend in a track can cause your tracks to be uneven. Your limit switch screws may need to be adjusted, as these are in place to stop your door at a particular point. You could have something blocking the path on one track, causing a space to exist between the ground and your door. If you can't determine why the door doesn't close, contact your garage door services for help.

The Job of Your Tension Springs

Your tension springs are responsible for holding the weight of the door as it opens and closes. If your opener strains to open the door, it can be caused by tension springs that need to be adjusted. When your door is all the way open, tension springs help hold it open. If you see your door shut a few inches or more, the tension springs are probably loose. It is necessary for a professional to adjust your tension springs, as you can get injured in the process. They are tightly wound metal springs that can snap and hurt you.

Your Opener and Typical Lifespan

Your garage door opener should last about 15 years, while the rest of the components of your garage door can last almost 30. If your opener is getting older, it may be time to replace it. You may notice the door opens slower, or you need to call for consistent opener repairs.

Your automatic garage door can work great for years with minimal help. Once you start to notice problems, call for garage door services to make any repairs that are needed to keep your door in good working order.