3 Things You Need To Know About Working With Reclaimed Wood

Posted on: 29 July 2019

Reclaimed wood is wood that has previously been used in a building or structure, and instead of being thrown out, has been saved to be used again. Reclaimed wood is a great way to recycle, and a great way to access beautiful wood that would otherwise be discarded. When it comes to working with reclaimed wood, there are multiple things you need to know.

Remember That Sizes Can Vary

When you are working with unclaimed wood, don't assume that the 2 x 4 you grabbed is actually exactly a 2 x 4. You need to remeasure all of the wood that you have claimed before you use it in your project. The measurements may be off. The wood could also be damaged, which means you need to cut away any of the water-damaged or warped wood if you need wood that is in more pristine condition for your project. Don't assume you will be able to work with the entire piece of wood.

Get Rid of Paint Covered Wood

When you are working with reclaimed wood, you are generally working with really old wood that was used in old construction projects. If you get any wood that has paint on it, cut off the pieces that have paint, and be sure to properly dispose of the wood. There is a good chance that any oil paint could have lead in it. Another option is to coat any wood that has old paint on it with a durable polyurethane so the paint is placed behind a protective barrier and cannot cause harm.

Sand the Board Before Working with It

To get the most beauty from the wood, sand the wood down before you start to work with it. This will remove old grime and build-up from the wood. You don't need to sand that deeply; a light sanding job with some heavy grit sandpaper will smooth the wood, get rid of any potential splinters, and allow the beauty of the wood to shine through.

Protect the Wood

Finally, take the time to protect any wood that you use in your project. You can restain the wood to give it the shade you want while allowing the natural beauty to shine through. Or you can apply a clear coat, which will keep the original color and appearance intact. Just make sure you apply some type of finish that will help your new wood piece last for decades as well.

When it comes to working with reclaimed wood, inspect the wood before you work with it. Cut off any damaged portion and be cautious of any painted wood. Sand the wood down before you start working and use something to protect the surface of the wood. Most importantly, have fun making a unique creation. For more information, contact companies like Old World Lumber Company.