Do You Live In A Tropical-Like Climate? You Might Need Foundation Repairs More Often

Posted on: 10 May 2019

The rain has plenty of advantages when it comes to the environment, but the benefits of rain aren't as bountiful when it comes to your home's foundation. In fact, if you live in a climate that experiences heavy downpours frequently, the probability of your home needing foundation repairs might be elevated.

Foundation Type

The type of foundation your home is built upon will impact its condition, as well as the frequency at which you have to make repairs. In terms of a tropical-like climate, a concrete slab foundation is generally best to withstand the frequent soil shifting that the excess moisture will cause. 

If your home rests upon a pier and beam foundation, you might be in somewhat of a warning zone. Pier and beam foundations can become unstable as the rainwater saturates the soil. As the ground becomes moist and moves, the piers that help stabilize the foundation might also shift. 

Additionally, many pier and beam foundations are generally constructed from wood. Over time, the excess moisture can cause the wood to develop mold and rot. Wood in this condition is not structurally stable and will need to be replaced. If you fail to repair the structures, the safety of your home can become unstable. 


Whether or not you have to make repairs to your foundation often has a lot to do with the drainage system you have around your home. When it rains often, it's natural for water to pool; you just don't want the water to pool around the foundation. When water pools, it will cause the soil to expand. 

As the soil expands, it puts excess pressure on the foundation, which can cause it to form cracks, even if you have a concrete foundation. The problem can be so significant that you might have to perform extensive repairs to the foundation.

The best way to ensure your home's drainage system is intact is to ensure the gutters that line your roof are clear so that the water can drain away from your home. After the next rain, look around the exterior of your home. If you notice puddles of water around the perimeter, you likely have a drainage problem. 

It's important to note, just because you live in a tropical-like climate, it does not mean that your home's foundation will fail. However, it does mean that you need to take issues with your foundation very serious and have repairs performed as soon as possible. Keep foundation repair a priority to protect your home.