3 Factors To Consider When Building An Extra Detached Garage

Posted on: 5 February 2019

A garage can be an appealing and functional space for homeowners. While it gives you a space for parking your vehicles, the garage can also be used solely for storage purposes. Unfortunately, many homeowners fill their garage spaces up rather quickly, causing them to park their vehicles in the driveway and store other items in the attics and closet. Thankfully, building an extra garage is possible. This guide will give you a few factors to consider when building an extra detached garage.

Lot Size

You may have dreams of building an excessively large garage that can be used for a variety of purposes. However, your actual lot may not be able to accommodate this size of garage. Therefore, you need to take your lot size and layout into consideration when designing your detached garage.

Remember the detached garage SHOULD be constructed at the end or near the end of your driveway for it to look good and be functional. Also, the construction of a new garage will take up a great deal of your yard space, which may affect other areas of your home and family's life.

When considering placement and the size of your detached garage, walk the lot and visualize where the new building will sit. Avoid choosing a location that will cause the garage to block views or block access to other areas of your home and backyard that are important.

Garage Purpose

What your extra detached garage will be used for is also a factor to take into consideration.

If it will be used for parking your vehicles, the location will have to be at the end of your driveway. Also, if you are using it solely for storage purposes, location does not necessarily matter, so you may be able to construct the garage towards the back of your property.

If you are building the garage to create a hobby room or auto shop, constructing it towards the back of the property is best for noise purposes. On the other hand, if the back of your property is near the back of a neighbor's property, you may not want a noisy garage space to affect your neighbors.


No matter what purpose it will offer, a detached garage should be equipped with a few extras.

Most homeowners will want it to have electrical, so lights can be installed. However, electrical will also be necessary if you plant to install an automatic door opener.

If you will be using your garage as a hobby room, man cave, or auto shop, consider having heating and cooling installed, too.

If solely for storage, make sure to include shelving units and even cabinetry to help you get and stay organized. 

Contact a custom garage building service for more help.