Metal Buildings: How They Are Going Beyond Machine Sheds

Posted on: 2 July 2018

Once upon a time, people would have only thought of metal buildings in terms of warehouses and machine sheds (for tractors and farm machines). Now, metal buildings include so much more than that. In fact, with the stylish new ways of constructing various metal buildings, people are considering them for virtually any type of structure. The following examples highlight some of the more fascinating ways you can use modern metal buildings.


If you are going to build a metal house or cabin, you almost have to add a matching metal garage. Metal garages have been sold as kits from many a building supply retailer for decades now. The only difference is that now you can build a house or cabin to match. 


Living in a metal house or cabin should not be surprising (even though it is!). Given the rise in popularity of metal roofing and siding right now, constructing an entire house or cabin from a metal building kit seems almost normal. These structures are also constructed easier and faster, which is why they, too, are becoming popular than traditional home construction.

Guest Cabins

Guest cabins are small living quarters with space for a bed, heating appliance, and maybe a small refrigerator. They are just enough to house unexpected guests or extra family members who come to visit. Drop a couple along the back end of your property, and you are ready for anything.

Hobby Buildings

Maybe your passion is art. Maybe it is restoring old cars or building wood furniture. Whatever the hobby, you probably do not have the room or designated space for it in your house.

That is where metal buildings can come in handy. You can construct a metal hobby building on your property, fit to any size and shape. Then you will have plenty of room for tools, projects, etc., and none of it will interfere with the space in your home. Better still, your hobby building can also act as your show gallery and sales location, should you choose to display and sell what you work on or create.

Workshops, Too

Special metal buildings designed with lots of extra electrical outlets are perfect as workshops. They allow you to plug in everything from table saws to band saws, drill presses to hand drills, and more. If you are accustomed to working out of a tiny space in your garage right now, with limited outlets, you will welcome a larger workshop that has lots of outlets for all of your tools.