Setting Up a Time for a Technician to Clean Your Oil Burning Furnace

Posted on: 15 May 2018

If you heat your home with an oil burning furnace, it needs to be cleaned and serviced so that it continues to run properly. In the event that it is a boiler, the unit spends more time running than if it were only a furnace but it still needs to be cleaned regularly. You can change the filters in the furnace but the service that needs to be done inside the unit is best left to a professional. The following tips discuss how you and an oil burner service can take care of furnace maintenance.

Decide When to Clean

It is hard to know when is the best time to clean your boiler but if the cleaning is on an oil burning furnace, you can choose a time during the off season, when the furnace is not being used. For a boiler, shutting it down is never convenient but there are times that there is less demand for the hot water. Maybe while the family is at work and school, someone can stay home and meet the technician for a service call or maybe one of your neighbors or friends has time to come and be at your home while the tech is working. Most companies will require someone there before their tech can come into the home at all but ask them when you set up the appointment.

List What Needs to Be Checked & Serviced

When the technician arrives at your home, they will check the burner or boiler for a few things. The filters that keep the oil clean get changed whether they look dirty or not. Fine particles can accumulate on the filter, clogging it or greatly reducing the fuel flow through it. This can shut down the furnace for a lack of oil so changing the fuel filters is pretty much a standard thing. The technician will open the firebox which is where the oil gets burned and clean the burner and box thoroughly. Oil burns dirty so there is always a lot of soot buildup in the box and around the nozzle where the oil and air are mixed. The coils that pass the air or water through them are located in the firebox as well so cleaning the coils can be done at the same time.

Check the Rest of the Boiler

After the boiler or furnace has been cleaned , the technician will replace the air/fuel nozzle inside the burner with a new one and inspect the firebox for cracks or damage that can make the furnace unsafe to use. He will also check the motor and electronics on the unit and on a boiler, he will check the circulator pumps to be sure they are operating correctly. Most techs will check the fuel line as well to ensure it is not leaking and then, if the furnace is given a clean bill of health, he will start it and let it run for a few minutes to be sure everything is working properly. If it is, you oil burning furnace or boiler is ready for another year of operation before it needs to be serviced again.