Your AC Blower Motor Belt Can Wear Out And Need To Be Replaced

Posted on: 2 April 2018

If your air conditioner has a belt-driven blower motor, then you'll want to have the belt inspected during the annual service checkup for your AC. These belts are made of rubber and they wear down over time by cracking and fraying. Here are some signs a belt may be bad and how it's replaced.

Signs Of A Worn Out Air Conditioner Belt

A worn out belt usually doesn't crack all at once. You'll usually have a warning period that the belt is trouble and needs attention. You might hear a squealing noise that will probably get worse until the belt is changed. You might also notice an odor of burning rubber coming from the AC. The belt drives the blower motor, so if it isn't working well, then the blower won't work well either. You may notice a decrease in airflow from your AC, or it may stop altogether when the belt finally snaps.

Changing The Belt Is Usually An Easy Job

When you suspect your AC has a bad belt, you can inspect it visually for signs of cracks and frayed edges. If you don't know how to check the belt, then call an HVAC repair company for an inspection of your AC. Not all air conditioners have belt-drives, and the problem could be a bad motor instead. If you have annual maintenance on your AC, the technician will spot a worn belt and replace it before it breaks. This is the ideal time to replace a belt, but it can also be done on an emergency basis.

It's first necessary to find the part number on the old belt or the owner's manual of your AC. It's important to get the right belt or the AC may have ongoing problems. Installing it is a matter of slipping the belt over the pulleys on the motor. Care must be taken not to damage any parts if the belt is a tight fit. Also, the correct tension must be achieved which is tested by pushing on the belt. If your AC hasn't been serviced for a long time, the technician may also lubricate the motor and clean the blower cage so the parts work efficiently.

Changing a bad belt motor is a fairly easy repair to have done. However, if you put it off, the strain on the motor could cause more expensive damage to occur to your AC. Quick attention to the problem is the best way to deal with a suspected bad belt, and by having regular maintenance each spring you can prevent the problem from catching you off guard again. Contact a company, like Norris Mechanical, for more help.