How To Keep Down Your Utility Bills

Posted on: 2 March 2018

Utility bills can be a major monthly expense, especially as homes get older and less efficient. Windows can become leaky and major HVAC appliance can become less productive. It is easy to understand why so many homeowners will do whatever they can to keep down their monthly utility bills. You could spend thousands of dollars over a calendar year just keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. During the winter,  some people try to compensate by simply using their heater less often. But, this obviously means they have to sacrifice comfort and warmth.

Invest in Some Maintenance

It is much smarter to make a temporary investment in some basic maintenance. Of course, there are some maintenance jobs you can do yourself, and that are completely free, that you can start on right away. One of the best ways to keep your furnace clean is to make sure your furnace cabinet is as clean as possible.

The Furnace is Vital

The furnace cabinet is full of many important components. Basically, this is where hot air is created, where the airflow circulated, where cold air is pulled out of your home, and where it is filtered. A lot of stuff goes on inside the furnace cabinet, and it can get very dirty in there with all the air flowing through it. Furthermore, furnace cabinets are often located in dusty rooms like basements or garages. This means that the inside can also get dirty. If you don't change your air filter as frequently as recommended, you are also bound to have more dirt and dust inside your furnace cabinet.

Opening Up and Cleaning Inside Your Furnace

You have to just open up your furnace cabinet, turn it off, and clean everything you see. First of all, you don't want to use any liquid cleaners inside the furnace cap. You can't wipe down surfaces with a damp rag, but you don't want to spray anything inside with a liquid, especially near the electrical components and wires. You can get the best results if you just use the wand attachment of the vacuum with a simple brush head. This way you can lightly knock loose any dust on your sidewalls, and clean all the hard-to-reach areas.

As you can see, it definitely pays to invest in some basic HVAC maintenance over the years, whether it is simple DIY jobs or paying pros to come service your home.