3 Tips to Improve Your Irrigation System's Effectiveness

Posted on: 26 October 2017

Many residential areas rely on irrigation water to help keep landscapes in good condition. If your home utilizes a residential irrigation system to water flowers, shrubs, and trees, then maximizing the effectiveness of this irrigation system is important.

Here are three simple tips that you can use to help improve the effectiveness of your irrigation system in the future.

1. Irrigate at the correct time.

In order to ensure that the plants in your home's landscape are receiving enough water, it's important that you irrigate them at the right time each day. Making the choice to engage your residential irrigation system in the morning can help you improve the effectiveness of the irrigation system while reducing water usage over time.

The morning hours tend to be cooler and subject to less sun exposure, which means less water will evaporate before it has a change to reach your plants. Irrigating in the morning can be a simple way to increase the effectiveness of your irrigation efforts in the future.

2. Irrigate in short cycles.

The amount of time that you keep your irrigation system engaged can have a significant impact on the overall performance of the system. A residential irrigation system that is operated in short cycles will be more effective because pooling and water runoff will be reduced.

This means that more water will actually reach the plants in your home's landscape, and your landscape will not be subject to as much erosion or soil displacement as it would be if you opted not to run your irrigation system in short cycles.

3. Create irrigation zones.

It's important to recognize that the different types of foliage in your home's landscape have very different needs when it comes to accessing water. You might not need to water your trees and shrubs as often as you do your ornamental flowers, so it can be beneficial to create irrigation zones within your landscape so that you can customize your watering program.

Placing each area of your home's landscape on a different water cycle will help to promote better foliage growth while reducing water waste significantly. A zoned irrigation system can easily improve the effectiveness of your residential irrigation efforts over time.

Being able to maximize the effectiveness of your residential irrigation system will allow you to keep your home's landscape looking beautiful while reducing water waste and conserving precious resources for future use. For more information or assistance, contact services like Michael's Irrigation Inc.