Adding On To Your Home? What You Need To Know About As-Built Surveys

Posted on: 19 December 2016

When you decided to renovate your home, you knew you had a long road ahead in terms of construction. What you probably didn't expect was all the red tape that comes along with this process. Local and state agencies require homeowners to complete several processes before, during, and after embarking on major renovation, including as-built surveys. If you're like most people and this term is foreign language, here are just some important things you need to know.

What Exactly Is It?

The most important thing to understand is that unlike traditional construction surveys, an as-built survey is not a single-phase process. This survey is generally performed routinely throughout the course of the project. In the initial stages, the survey is used to ensure the addition you're planning will not infringe on the property lines of other owners that surround you.

However, as the project progresses, the purpose of the survey then becomes to ensure that the work being performed is in line with the original plans. Even something as minor as a change in the dimension of a wall will be monitored during this survey.

Is It Required?

In short, the question of whether or not this survey is required is yes. As previously mentioned, this process is something that is imposed by local or state zoning officials. In many instances, an as-built survey is just as critical as obtaining a construction permit in that if you construct the addition without following the appropriate steps, you could face harsh fines and even be required to tear down the new structure.

Even if you happen to live in an area where this is not a requirement, this is still a process that you should consider as it serves as somewhat of a quality assurance tool for the build. If there are any variations from the original plan, the surveyor will quickly bring them to your attention so that you can discuss them with the construction manager promptly to ensure the addition is constructed based on your exact specifications.

Choose The Right Surveyor

When obtaining a survey, you want to ensure you are partnering with a licensed surveyor. If you are fulfilling a local or state mandated survey requirement and the surveyor is not licensed, the results of their findings will be uselessness, leaving you to start all over again.

A major home renovation is a serious investment. An as-built surveyor can help you protect this investment. Contact a company like Bush Roed & Hitchings Inc to learn more.