Making Your Driveway Kid-Friendly

Posted on: 17 October 2016

Kids never like to stay inside, even when the weather is damp or cold. Often your yard is full of water puddles or dirty snow, so you may try and discourage them from going outside. Of course, fresh air and exercise are good for kids, and getting the kids out of your hair for even thirty minutes seems like heaven. One way to get your kids outside in any weather is to make your driveway an attractive place for them to play.


Maintaining your driveway is necessary for protecting your vehicles from pothole damage. As a result,you need to patch any area that is losing asphalt or concrete as soon as you see a problem, including the development of cracks. In addition, you should apply sealcoating every few years to maintain the look of  the driveway and to keep it from deteriorating. If you are not the DIY type, you can easily find a local contractor to do the job for a reasonable price. 

A smooth surface protects your vehicles, but it also makes your driveway a safe place for kids to run and play. They are less likely to trip and fall when your driveway is nice and smooth. Also, they are better able to play games. Sidewalk chalk has been the savior of many parents who are trying to keep their kids occupied but only works well on a crack-free surface. Also, when the cars are in the garage, your children can have a nice safe bike ride or scooter ride in the driveway. Once the driveway has been scooped clean of snow in the winter, kids can play there without being covered in the wet, often nasty stuff, saving you several extra loads of laundry.

Play Equipment

The driveway has long been a prime place to set up a basketball hoop, but you can also modify it to provide even more play space. For instance, if you have a circular drive, you can pave the inside of it to allow for a playhouse or simple play area for your kids. You can add flower boxes and even certain hardscaping elements, such as a bench or two, to keep it attractive while still providing a nice, smooth place for your children to play. 

Driveway maintenance is important to protect your vehicles and your home's curb appeal. Keeping a nice driveway is also good for your children. You can have a nice clean area that is perfect for play and that allows you to keep a close eye on your offspring.