3 Regular Maintenance Tasks That Can Keep Your Hot Tub Working Properly

Posted on: 17 October 2016

Having a hot tub can be a great luxury and a nice way to relax with family and friends. But the hot tub party can come to a stop if you don't take steps to properly maintain it. Your hot tub requires regular maintenance and care to ensure things continue to operate without a hitch. Here are three maintenance tasks that every hot tub owner should be sure to perform on a regular basis if they want to avoid having to call a local hot tub repair company.

Clean the Skimmer Weekly

Keeping your hot tub's skimmer clean is important to ensure proper filter flow. Even if you only use the hot tub once a week, the skimmer will still likely accumulate some debris, such as body hair. The skimmer should also be the first thing you check before you start operating the tub again after a hiatus. If you don't have a hot tub cover, it's possible some leaves or other problems could have found their way into the tub.

Hose Down the Filter Once a Month

While the skimmer is your first line of defense against issues, your hot tub's filter also plays a key part in keeping the entire system operating smoothly. Once a month, or more often with heavy use, you should take a garden hose or some other device that can put out a heavy stream of water and spray down the filter. Rotate the filter while spraying as this will help dislodge any debris that is stuck between the pleats.

Keep the Water Sanitized, But Still Drain and Refill Every Three Months

Properly managing your hot tub's sanitation level is key to maintaining a clean experience for you and any hot tub guests, and this includes using chemicals to regularly sanitize the spa. But even with regular sanitation, your hot tub water will still need to be completely replaced after a time. In general, try to completely drain and replace your spa water every three to four months, depending on how often you use the tub. Don't forget to re-add the chemicals to the fresh batch of water and give it time to settle in before you climb back in.

A hot tub can make your house the favorite of all of your family and friends but only if you take steps to ensure that things will continue to operate smoothly and safely. Clean your skimmer at least once a week or before and after every use to make the filter's job easier over the long term. Once a month, give the filter it's own bath courtesy of a high-pressure garden hose. Finally, use chemicals to maintain proper hot tub sanitation but don't forget to completely drain and refill the tub every few months for best results. If you run into any issues, contact a local hot tub repair company for assistance.

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