Common Issues With Submersible Well Pumps

Posted on: 30 July 2016

If you have a water well on your property, you likely use a submersible well pump. This type of pump allows water from the well to be pushed to the surface. While they are very effective for their intended purposes, there are some common issues it might have over time. Here are some common problems so that you know when it is time to call for repairs.

Lack of Water

One of the more common signs that there is a problem the well pump is when you are experiencing a dry spell. This is when you have difficulty getting water out of the well, which you can tell when turning on faucets in your home and finding that no water flows. However, before you replace the well pump, you should first consider other causes for not having water. It is possible that the pump is working fine, but there was a power outage affecting the pump, or that the lines are clogged and need to be cleared. Have these things inspected first before you get a new well pump.

Pump Runs Continuously

If the submersible pump keeps running without shutting off, there are a few possible causes for this. It might have to do with issues with the pressure switch, low water level in the well, or problems with the drop line. You should also check the pump itself, looking for components of the pump that might be worn or corroded. Some of these are easy to fix, such as replacing the drop pipe or getting a new pressure switch, while others require replacing the entire pump.

Water Flow is Slow

You may have water coming out of the faucets, but the water stops prematurely or runs slowly. This is often an indication that the pump can't handle the amount of water you are attempting to use. Perhaps you have a new plumbing appliance that requires more water, or there are more people in your household trying to take showers, which uses up more water. You need a pump that works for the size of your family and your usage. If you get a brand new washer that uses more water than your previous one, you might need to get a bigger well pump.

Also pay attention to other potential problems, such as a pump that seems to be extremely loud when it is running. This is another good reason to call a professional and have it inspected for problems. For more information contact a company like Modern Pump & Equipment.