How To Prep And Sandblast Stucco Walls

Posted on: 23 May 2016

Stucco is an extremely durable exterior siding material. It is also very versatile because it can be applied over different types of sidewalls and it can be painted any color. This durability only poses a problem if you decide that you want to remove it from your sidewalls. It won't just scrape off with ease. You can rent a simple sandblaster and remove stucco on your own. The job is messy, but it is really the best way to remove stucco and expose the sidewall. This article explains how to remove stucco with a sandblaster.

Prepping Before Blasting

Before you even begin to use the sandblaster, you need to do a lot of prep work. It is probably a good idea to not even rent the sandblaster until you have done the preparation work and completely mask off the area. The most important thing you will need to mask off a large exterior area is a few rolls of painter's plastic. Use a heavy duty product, because ultra thin painter's plastic can tear very easily, especially when there is sand and stucco present. You need to mask off the ground around the walls to help catch all the stucco that falls off. But, you also need to mask off your windows, doors and the rest of the trim around your house. If the sandblaster hits these surfaces, it could knock the paint right off. It is better to spend more time being thorough when masking off these areas then to neglect them and have to invest in serious repairs later on.

Basically, be very thorough. In fact, overdo it when it comes to masking off with the painters plastic. Overspray from the sandblasting can get everywhere and it can be quite a pain to clean up. But, when it falls on the plastic, you simply roll up it up and throw it away.

Using the Sandblaster

Sandblasting is actually quite self explanatory. You basically power up the machine, fill it with the sand and start spraying down the stucco. You should make sure you are wearing the appropriate attire for the job. Most importantly, you want to be wearing clothes that you don't mind throwing away and protective eyeglasses. There might be certain parts of the stucco that don't come off-the-wall, no matter how much sandblasting you do. These can be knocked away with a chisel or floor scraper.

Even though sandblasting requires using heavy duty machine, the actual work is fairly simple. Just make sure you were wearing the right clothes and you do an adequate amount of masking off before you power up the machine. To find out more, speak with a bsuiness like APC Services