Tips For Prepping Your Home For Your Estate Sale

Posted on: 5 May 2016

While estate sales are not something you need to deal with frequently, it's important that you are well prepared for when they happen. An estate sale is very different from a garage sale since you need to do much more planning. These tips will help your estate stale be successful.

Know How Estate Sales Are Different From Garage Sales

Garage sales typically involve you putting out the items you are looking to sell, and people will rummage through it looking at just those items. Estate sales allow people to go through drawers, cabinets, and anything that is accessible in the house. It's common to mark a room off as not having items for sale, but if they can access it, they should be able to buy the item.

That's why you'll need to first go through the home and clear out things you want to save or are simply not worth selling.

Clean The House of Worthless Items

Anything that does not have a significant value should be thrown out to prevent people from having to sort through junk.

Walk through the home and collect things that you want to recycle or throw away, donate to charity or a thrift shop, or things you want to hold on to.

It's a great idea to have a junk removal company, like Ground Effects Hauling Inc, come to your home to take these things away for you. There are also charities that will pick up items you want to donate. When you plan on holding onto a lot of things instead of selling them, consider getting a storage unit to place them in so that they are not even in the home. You can move them to a permanent location later.

Make The Home Friendly For Shopping

Even if the home was a bit disorganized before, you'll want to place items where others would expect them to be. Clothes should be in closets, but remove extra clothes to unused closets so that they are easy to browse. Place mirrors in bedrooms so that people can see how things look if they try it on.

If the furniture you're selling has drawers, make sure that the drawers are empty in case the item is sold. Have items you want to sell for a discount? Put them in the common location like the garage so people know where to find them

An estate sale is a big task to manage, but if you follow these tips, you'll be sure to have a successful estate sale.