4 Tips For Making Gutter Cleaning Easy

Posted on: 30 March 2016

Cleaning the gutters attached to the roof of your home is highly important for preventing water damage. If the gutters are not clean, when it rains, the water can build up and cause water damage to the roof and the side of your home. The cost of repairs can be extensive and in many situations, your homeowners insurance won't cover the costs since it was a repair that could have easily been avoided had the gutters been cleaned. Cleaning the gutters doesn't have to be a task that you dread. Here are four tips for making it easier:

  1. Wear Gloves: When you wear gloves, it's going to be easier to grip all the dirt and grime that you are trying to get out of the gutters. On top of this, you won't be so grossed out about what you are touching with your bare hands, which is also safer. You never know what kind of bacteria is lurking in the dirt and grime that is stuck to the gutters. 
  2. Use a Beach Shovel: The best type of shovel to use to scoop out stubborn dirt and grime is a kid's shovel that you would use at the beach. A metal shovel that you use for gardening can cause damage to the gutters, and sometimes these types of shovels are too large to fit perfectly into the gutters. Kid's beach shovels will fit perfectly into the gutters and since they are so lightweight, it will be easier to scoop out dirt without causing damage. 
  3. Put a Tarp Underneath Workspace: Instead of throwing the dirt that you are scooping out onto your yard below or trying to scoop it into a trash bag that you have to control while on the roof, consider putting a tarp underneath your workspace instead. You can scoop the dirt out onto the tarp below and when you are all done with the cleaning process, you can wipe off the tarp into the garbage. 
  4. Use a Pressure Washer: In the case that there is dirt also stuck to the outside of the gutters, it's likely that dirt is stuck inside the gutters as well. You will need to use more than just the garden hose to wipe it off. Instead, renting a pressure washer will help you remove the dirt quickly and efficiently. 

When you consider these four tips, cleaning the gutters can be made easier, which makes the job less grueling. Speak to a local gutter cleaning service or click for more information.