Nervous About Buying A Property With A Pool? 3 Easy Ways To Make It Safer

Posted on: 21 October 2015

If you've recently purchased a property that has a pool and you want to make sure it's safe for all, a pool supplies provider should have all the items that you need. Having a pool on your property can be incredibly enjoyable if you enjoy swimming, exercising and entertaining, but safety has to be your top concern at all times.

Thousands of people die annually in America because of drowning, the majority being children under the age of 14 years, and you can protect your pool to prevent this from happening at your home. Here are a few ways to make it safer.

Weight Bearing Locking Cover

A pool cover that holds the weight of an adult when secured will stop someone from falling in if they go on top of the cover. This is ideal because not only does the cover latch so tight it prevents animals and debris from getting in, but if a person fell in the cover wouldn't smother them. The cover should also have a lock so no one who enters your property can remove it.

Water Movement Detection Alarm

Get an alarm that sits on the water level of the pool and activates if it feels vibrations and movement in the water. This is going to signal if someone jumps in without permission, or if a child or pet falls in accidentally. You can get a wireless system that alerts your home security system and your phone system as well.

Fencing with a Locking Gate

If you don't already have a fence around the pool or the fence is outdated, it's time to get a fence that has a locking and self-latching gate. Although self-latching won't keep a teenager or adult out of the pool, unless you have a lock on it, the self-latching should stop a child from getting through.

You can use these things to make the pool safe, and you can get the pool clean and working properly with the chemicals and cleaning supplies found at a pool supply store. If there are other concerns that you have about the structure of the pool, talk with a pool repair and building contractor to see if the pool needs any other type of work. A pool can be a place of fun and memories if you take the time to make sure the pool is safe for everyone at your home and around your property.