Landscaping Tips For A Smaller Outdoor Space

Posted on: 8 June 2015

If you have a smaller yard or patio that you are hoping to landscape, making the most of this space is key. There are elements that landscapers (such as those from Randles Landscape & Design) can help you source to make a smaller outdoor space feel inviting and spacious. Here are four space saving ideas to keep in mind when it comes to landscaping a small outdoor area.

1. Focus on Your Needs

People want different things out of their outdoor spaces. If you have a small area to work with, choose a landscaping element that fits your needs. If gardening is your passion, your space should mostly be designated to this. If you want to entertain and barbeque, make this the focus. You should try to pick one central outdoor activity or look for your yard in order to maximize your space and actually use it.

2. Versatility is Key

Having mobile items will help with rearranging and for accommodating guests. The more plants that you can have in movable planters will keep these from becoming barriers. If chairs and tables are on wheels, these can easily be moved around to accommodate your needs. If you have a barbeque or outdoor dining set, these don't need to live outside all of the time. Large seasonal items can be brought outside when needed and kept out of the way in a shed or garage other times of the year.

3. Keep Plants and Decor to Size

If you have a small outdoor space, this isn't the best environment for huge ferns or large pots that can overtake your space. You can still make a big statement with smaller plants and outdoor decor. Source smaller plants that can line the side of your yard rather than be the main focus.

4. Streamline Your Look

If your yard is overtaken with too many plants, figurines and fountains, it is going to feel cluttered and closed off. Try to keep things as simple as possible with a clean, fresh look in your yard or on your patio. Try to keep table tops clear and keep plants and hedges maintained and cut back. An organized yard will tend to look more spacious.

Having a small yard or outdoor area doesn't mean that your outside time needs to suffer. Make sure that you don't go overboard with your decor. Keep it simple and within the size you are working with. Working with the space you do have and knowing what your needs are will keep your landscaping plan on track.