3 Signs Your AC Needs A Repair Soon

Posted on: 11 May 2015

No one likes that moment during the summer where the heat is simply unbearable. In fact, the only thing between you and scorching heat at that point is your air conditioning. However, if it's not working, it can't do anything to keep you cool. It can be difficult to tell when you need a repair, so consulting a professional is always the best course of action. Even so, there are some common signs that let you know it's definitely time for a repair:

1. The System Stops Regulating Temperature

A lot of people wrongly think that their unit must be working perfectly if it is still turning on and they don't think anything else of it. But there could be some big issues stirring up that you might not notice. If your room isn't cooling down to the temperature that you set or the unit is taking longer to cool the area, it's time to call in a professional. This could indicate that a faulty fan, broken thermostat, or poor levels of refrigerant are present.

2. Noisy System

If your AC is making weird noises, you should be concerned. Some systems make noises by default, but if you notice unique sounds that weren't there before, it could be a signal. Humming is fine, but a hissing or screeching sound means a big problem is happening. It might be a bad motor belt or a leak, and you should call your AC contractor as soon as possible to help you fix it.

3. Leaks in the System

One commonly overlooked problem is a leak in the system. The units typically have an intake for warmer air and they run it over a coil to cool it down before blowing it out again. This results in condensation as a byproduct and it's only a problem if the water starts leaking out of the closed system. It could be a sign that a drain or pan is malformed or clogged up. Not only could it run your AC unit, but various parts of your home. Call a professional to repair your AC as soon as you discover such a problem.

AC's can be heaven in the hot summers when the scorching sun is ablaze. However, a broken unit is the opposite of fun, causing extreme heat and frustration. You can catch problems before they arise by looking for the three warning signs above. That way, you can stay cool, calm, and happy. To learn more about AC repair, contact a business like Davis Repair Service