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What To Do When Carpenter Bees Are Eating Your Log Home

Posted by on Mar 26, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Log Home’s are beautiful and strong. They are a great example of a house that can withstand years of weather and still look gorgeous. There is one problem: carpenter bees. These bees can wreck havoc on a log home and make it look like Swiss cheese. It’s not just a cosmetic problem; it’s a structural one. These bees will turn solid logs into hollowed out timber. It won’t happen overnight, but if left alone, the bees will destroy the house. Here is what you can do about carpenter bees. Make Sure It’s A Carpenter Bee and Not A Wood Pecker Just because there are small holes in the logs it does not mean that there are carpenter bees present. Another culprit that you need to be aware of is the woodpecker. If you haven’t seen bees boring into the...

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Frozen Roads And Nowhere To Go: How To Handle A Heating Emergency

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With more than one city in the United States seeing snowfall amounts far beyond normal, it is not inconceivable that you could get trapped in your home with a furnace that is over-stressed and in need of repair. If you happen to get stuck in a home with no heat and cannot get out because of the weather, it can get a bit scary for sure. However, with a little critical thinking and some ingenuity, you can keep your family warm in spite of the fact that your furnace has stopped heating your home. Scale Down Your Living Space The first thing you need to do in a heating outage is to scale down the size of the space to be heated. Without a whole-house system continuously funneling heated air through the home, you will see your house grow...

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