The Best Ways To Keep Iron Fences From Corroding

Posted on: 24 November 2014

Wrought iron fences are vulnerable to moisture. However, if they are constructed in areas that are not prone to moisture problems, such as in Arizona, they are not as likely to rust. Still, iron fences will need some care and maintenance so that they can last longer.

Remove Rust

Use a wire brush to remove the rust from the surface. After you have removed as much rust as you can with the wire brush, use sandpaper to remove the remainder of the rust. Then, add a primer to the metal designed to be rust-inhibitive.

Add Primers

The primers that are the easiest to apply are those that are sprayed from an aerosol can because these can more easily cover every part of the fence. Wait for the rust-inhibitive primer to dry so that you can then paint the surface. The best paint to use is an enamel paint intended to be rust-inhibitive.

Adjust Your Property for Your Fence

After you have properly coated the rust, you will want to take other steps to reduce the risk of your fences rusting. Cut back plantings to make sure that they do not touch the wrought iron. When watering your yard or using sprinklers, try to keep the water from touching your fence. While you will not be able to completely prevent water from touching your fence, you will be able to minimize this problem.

Clean the Fence Periodically

Cleaning the wrought iron fence regularly will make sure that debris does not rest on it that causes the metal to corrode. Apply the cleaner with a spray bottle so you can get the cleaner into all crevices. After you have wiped down the fence and cleaned it, dry it thoroughly. The areas that will most likely have moisture accumulate is near locks and latches, so make sure those areas are completely dry. Then, to protect the paint, by applying a car wax.

Repair Bubbling and Flaking Paint

When the paint bubbles or flakes, you will need to replace it. Clean the paint off with a wire brush. Then, use a rotary tool with a grinder to remove the paint. If there are any holes or pitting, use metal filler to correct this problem. Finally, repaint the fence. By making sure that your iron fence is properly protected, it will last much longer. While these measures might cost money, you will save more money overall by not having to replace your iron fence.