Are Your Elevators Ready For An Anime Convention?

Posted on: 20 November 2014

Anime conventions are fun and profitable events for attendees and bystanders alike. Attendees don't just stand around in costume: they spend money and help to boost the local economy. Fanimecon attendees created an economic impact of $10.5 million dollars in San Jose in 2014. Attendees also bring a huge boost to nearby hotels by booking rooms and purchasing food, toiletries, and using valet services. Before your hotel can start raking in these profits, however, you should consider the functionality of one thing in your hotel that will affect every convention attendee that stays in your hotel: your elevators.

Wear & Tear

The largest anime convention in the country had 80,000 attendees in 2014, and the majority of those attendees needed hotel rooms. If your hotel is being used to house anime convention attendees, chances are your hotel is mostly or completely booked. Even if all of your elevators have been functioning without problems, keep in mind that anime convention attendees will use your elevators more than business people or tourists.

Most anime convention attendees book a room not only for a place to sleep, but as a convenience. They frequently come back to their room to drop off purchases, change clothes, and to recharge before heading back down to crowded convention halls.

While your regular clients may only use the elevator a few times a day, a single anime convention attendee may come and go from their room many more times. This means your elevators may be in use on a nearly non-stop basis all day and night for the entire weekend, creating more wear and tear than usual.

Overcrowding & Abuse

Anime con attendees who have to wait for a long time for an elevator may become frustrated with waiting and choose to pile into elevators, overcrowding them and pushing them to their weight limit.

Some of the most popular anime shows revolve around teenage characters, so it's no wonder that teens are attracted to anime conventions. Unfortunately, teens are also more prone to mischief than adults! Teenage attendees may purposefully stop elevators, press all the buttons, or try to open the panels.


All of these factors added together may result in elevator breakdowns. While the behavior of the attendees may or may not be to blame for the breakdown, people stuck inside an elevator for a prolonged period of time may choose to sue. Even if it doesn't produce a lawsuit, it may be necessary to compensate them by reducing the cost of their room bill, or waiving their stay entirely. It could also result in less attendees being willing to stay in your hotel when the convention comes the following year.

Take Precautions

Once the convention has started, you should consider having employees act as elevator monitors, keeping control of the flow of traffic so only a certain amount of people can enter each elevator in the lobby.

However, the best thing you can do is to prevent a problem from happening in the first place. Prior to the convention, have all of your elevators examined and serviced, by professionals such as Capital Elevator Services Inc. Make sure everything is up to code, functioning properly, and that emergency call boxes and alarms are working. If any problems are found that can't be repaired in time for the convention, close that elevator so it doesn't break down during the course of the convention.

Ultimately, it's the hotel management's responsibility to make sure that the elevators are working as smoothly as possible. Take action to prevent damage and breakdowns that can frustrate and frighten convention attendees and potentially result in a loss of business.