Simple Yet Effective Improvements For Insulating Your Home

Posted on: 18 November 2014

When your home has an issue with excess airflow, you need reliable ways of controlling any leaks you find. This does not mean you have to replace all of your insulation to complete this task. There are several simple and effective improvements you can make that will help reduce the amount of air that comes and goes throughout your home.

Insulate Electrical Outlets

One area that allows air to flow into your home is the electrical outlets on your exterior walls. Most outlets have no insulation around them, which makes it easier for hot or cold air to get into your home.

To correct this issue, you want to install outlet insulation. This may seem like a difficult task, but it is simple to complete on your own. The biggest issue with this task is the time it will take you to add the insulation product.

This method requires an outlet sealer, which is a thin piece of flexible foam. You should always start by turning off the electricity to the outlets, since this will prevent you from accidentally shocking yourself. After the electricity is off, you remove the faceplate, insert the foam, and then replace the cover to complete the process of insulating your exterior electrical outlets.

Replace Caulking

Another method for reducing airflow throughout your home is to replace the caulking around your windows and doors. When air leaks through this area, most people choose to install weather stripping, which will help control some of the leaks. However, if the caulking around your windows and doors is cracking, additional weather stripping will not fix the entire problem.

This task does take time, patience, and skill to get right. Removing the caulking without damaging your walls is a bit tricky, because you need to cut away the caulking without cutting into the drywall.

The problem with simply pulling off the caulking is that if it is painted, you could easily rip the paint off a portion of your walls at the same time. Unless you are confident in your ability to handle this job, you want to consult a home improvement company, such as Home Exteriors Of Fayetteville, to handle the task for you.

You also need to consider the exterior of your doors and windows when you are having this type of work done. Even with new caulking on the inside, air can still leak into your home if the outside caulking is damaged. Protecting your home from both sides is the most effective and simple way to insulate your home from outside air leaks.