One Versus Two: Separate And Combo Shower/Tub Units Both Work In Different Situations

Posted on: 17 November 2014

Are you planning to remodel your bathroom and replace the shower enclosure? Are you trying to decide if you should have separate shower and tub space, or have a typical combo tub surround? Both options offer benefits, but be sure you think the situation through carefully. Both options also have disadvantages, and you want to be sure you're not making more work for yourself with your choice. Take a look at how the different options would affect you before you make your decision.

Luxury Looks

Separating the tub and shower -- having an open tub right next to a shower stall, for example -- looks like you put a lot of money into the remodel. Having separate fixtures emphasizes how much space you have in your bathroom, and that can give future buyers a better impression of your home.

Backup Plan

Separate tub and shower fixtures mean separate tub and shower faucets. If one breaks, you still have a way to bathe without resorting to a sponge bath in the sink. Instead, just switch to the other fixture in the days before the plumber can get to your home to fix everything.

Family Bathing

Got kids? Have them bathe in the tub while you shower. Not only do you all save time since you're all bathing at the same time, but you can keep an eye on them as you take your shower.

Choose Your Style

Standalone shower enclosures are often square, giving you more literal elbow room than you'd have in a combo unit. You can also customize the shape and type of tub, whether you want a deep soaker tub or a shallower version.

On the Level

With a separate shower, you don't have to haul your legs over the sides of the tub. You can make it a lot easier for people with mobility and strength issues to get into the shower because they won't have to worry about lifting themselves out of the tub when they're done.

Space Reality

A combo unit, however, saves space. If you have a small bathroom, why eliminate floor space with two bathing fixtures? A combo unit lets you use the other space for a supply closet, for example.

Elbow Grease

A combo unit gives you one fixture to clean. With separate units, you have to clean both a shower and a tub when you give your home a good scrubbing down.

If you'd like to find out more about how separate or combo units would affect the layout of your new bathroom, contact a shower-door company that specializes in shower surrounds and enclosures.