Make A Decorative Tray Out Of A Cardboard Lid

Posted on: 12 November 2014

Turn a cardboard lid from a box into a decorative tray that can be stored on your desk or in the entryway to your home. This tray can be a designated area to set down your keys, cellphone, wallet and other important items. By having a special spot set up for your personal belongings, you will not need to worry about losing them. Recycling the cardboard is also good for the environment and will reduce the amount of waste that you dispose of.

Use The Following Materials

  • cardboard lid (from a box)
  • fabric tape
  • scissors
  • self adhesive lace
  • acrylic craft paint
  • small paintbrush

Paint And Embellish The Lid

Apply a couple coats of acrylic craft paint to the bottom of the lid. This part will be used to hold the items that you would like to keep up with. Use a small paint brush and apply the paint evenly. One or two coats will provide complete coverage. Once the paint is dry, outline the area that you have just decorated with self adhesive lace.

This type of lace comes in many different patterns and colors. It looks just like standard lace, but it has adhesive on the bottom of it. Measure and cut pieces that will cover the perimeter of the section that you have painted. Peel off the backing and press the lace onto the cardboard. 

Add Fabric Tape Around The Edges

Fabric tape comes in many interesting patterns and colors. You can purchase a roll that will complement the color of paint that you have used or the decor that is located in the room that will be used to store the tray. Unroll the tape and press it against the outer edges of the tray. Determine how much will be needed. Cut pieces to outline each side. Peel off the paper backing and press the tape onto the cardboard. Make sure to keep the pieces lined up. 

Place Your Tray In An Area That You Frequent Each Day

Place the tray on a shelf by your front door or on your desk. As soon as you come home, you can empty your pockets and place everything on the tray. When you get ready to leave your house again, you will know exactly where to look for your items. You will no longer need to worry about losing your keys or scrambling around to find your cellphone. The decorative tray will be attractive too and will brighten up any room that it is placed in.

For more information on recycling cardboard, contact a business such as Sunwest Metals Inc.