Changing The Look Of Your Bathroom On A Budget

Posted on: 12 November 2014

If you are tired of the way your bathroom appears, and don't really have it in your budget to do a complete overhaul, you can remodel your bathroom yourself without spending a ton of money. Here are some cheap ways that you can change the way your bathroom looks.


Pick up some remnant linoleum flooring from a flooring store or hardware store. Contractors will often return flooring when they do not use the entire amount that they had budgeted out for a flooring job. These are usually sold at a great discounted price. 

Cover your existing flooring with the linoleum. You can purchase molding at a hardware store to add to the sides of the wall above the flooring. Paint or stain these before installation.


Changing the color of the walls can greatly improve the appearance of your bathroom. Stick with light or medium colors to make your bathroom appear to be larger than it is in reality. Think about adding a border to your walls to give your room character. You can stencil a border on the wall with paint if you would like to have something handcrafted instead of commercialized. It would give that extra special touch, while saving you money. You will only need to buy craft paint and a stencil.

Add some mirrors and pictures to your walls to give your bathroom some character. You can attach a small shelf to adorn with some candles or baskets of potpourri to give your bathroom a light, pleasing fragrance. Add a framed photograph or a few trinkets that give your bathroom a personalized feel.


Changing the lighting can dramatically change the way your bathroom looks. You can pick up some inexpensive wall lights from a hardware store. These will make your room feel bigger by lighting up the entire room instead of just a portion as a ceiling light would do.

Shower Area

Changing the shower curtain will dramatically change how your bathroom looks. It is the focal point of your bathroom, since it takes up such a large amount of space. Pick out an exciting new shower curtain that offsets your walls and flooring. Match shower curtain rings to your curtain.

Match your towels, toothpaste holder, soap dish, toilet cover and bathmats to your shower curtain. You can pick out a theme and stick to it throughout the entire bathroom. Add a wastepaper basket in the same patterning.

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